What Do Experts Say About The Men's Program?

"In conducting a review of rape prevention programs targeting males and mixed gender audiences over the last 15 years, John Foubert's The Men's Program was the only one to clearly report long-term (over 7 months) positive effects of an intervention."

Paul Schewe, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago

"I thought the One in Four group did a fantastic job. It was probably the best approach I have seen on this topic in regard to student-athletes. The non-threatening, 'How can we be part of the solution' approach was very effective."

Steve Terry, Athletic Director
Univeristy of Wisconsin at Stout

"I would like to recommend One in Four for any presentation related to sexual assault prevention. I have been doing a presentation on the sexual assault of my daughter resulting in suicide called "Kristin's Story" for 8 years. I had wished there were a fabulous program just for the men, and I found that in One in Four. I have attended a sexual assault prevention conference in Florida for 6 years and seen many presenters. One in Four is perfect for the men. No one can help men understand what sexual assault is like for a woman better. One in Four speaks directly with the men without lecturing or accusing. They are guided by John Foubert, a Professor of Education at The College of William and Mary, who is an expert in the field of Sexual Assault and statistics. I have met many of the men involved in One in Four and everyone is completely dedicated to the cause of ending sexual assault."

Andrea F. Cooper
"Kristin's Story"

"As a former Vice President for Student Affairs I implemented many diverse rape prevention programs and strategies, but none made a lasting impact on men students. The Men's Program will help you change campus cultures as you work toward ending rape with a proven approach. Men who experience this program will be changed in a way that you've never seen before, the research proves it!"

Susan R. Komives, Ed.D., Past President
American College Personnel Association

"The program is riveting to male audiences; it personalizes the issues, ambiguities and myths of rape. Research shows a positive change in both knowledge and attitude, preparation necessary to be of help to those suffering rape. We must give clear messages that make sense to male adolescents regarding behaviors, boundaries and violence. The message must impact and make a difference. I encourage those working with college age men to consider Dr. Foubert's landmark book in sexual assault prevention education."

Steve Nedbalek, M.Ed.
State of Oklahoma Department of Health

"Dr. John Foubert is one of our leading male authorities on sexual violence issues. He is a dedicated, enthusiastic educator who believes and teaches that young men can stop violence against women. The Men's Program is an excellent resource for colleges and universities starting or enhancing their own peer education programs. I highly recommend it."

Jacqui Pequignot, Assistant Dean of Students
Director, Victim Advocate Program, Florida State University

"The Men's Program is a great resource for educating boys in high school! Recently I used the new script to present to an audience of 300 high school boys at a private boarding school in New England. I was accustomed to presenting to smaller audiences of college men, so I was not sure how the program would be received. The interest and response was overwhelmingly positive! Many of them waited around after the program to speak with me individually. I received comments like, "I'm not sure I would have known how to really help a woman who was raped, until today." I definitely believe The Men's Program can have a tremendous impact on high school-aged males."

Matt Varthalamis, Volunteer,
Office on Women, Alexandria, VA

"As a Counselor at a private high school, I've seen many approaches to trying to educate students about rape. The Men's Program is one of the most effective methods I've seen for getting to these issues and truly helping high school boys and men to understand what rape is all about. Recently, I had The Men's Program presented to a coed group of 22 seniors who are teaching assistants in our 10th grade health program. The students were riveted and there is no doubt that the boys were struck. They were very enthusiastic about having the presentation done for their classes of 10th graders and made arrangements for the program to be presented. The presentations for the 10 grade classes also went well. Days after they'd see the program they were still profoundly affected. Our seniors felt strongly that this program would be great for all seniors to hear. Each time I see it, I can tell it has a significant impact, particularly for seniors. All in all, it was amazing!"

Nancy Gaynor, Counselor
The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, CT

"I am impressed with the approach used in The Men's Program because it gives men a way to participate in the solution to ending sexual violence. The challenges to masculinity are palatable for someone with no prior exposure, and the suggestions for how to get involved apply to everyone. Many of the people I collaborate with are interested in programming of this kind-for athletes, fraternities, Residential Life, and police departments. The police training video that the program uses helps build empathy in populations that may rarely feel vulnerable, and hearing men's voices lets the audience know that there is a role in prevention and intervention for men too."

Molly M Goulet, Outreach Coordinator, Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program
University of New Hampshire

"As the mother of a rape victim, I recently attended a presentation by One in Four. I have been searching for positive programs in Rape Prevention and Education. The approach is to teach men how to react to and help a friend who has been raped. The audience learns from a man's experience, what it feels like to be raped and of the sequence of trauma that follows. By appealing to men's problem-solving instincts, the message of what rape truly means comes through. This is a thorough and blunt discussion that made me feel pround and grateful that these four young men are teaching their peers the truth about rape."

Barbara Lubert, mother of a rape victim

"Since January of 1999, I have presented The Men's Program over 70 times in four different states. In my work with the rape crisis center of St. Joseph County, Indiana, I have seen many sexual assault programs. The Men's Program is by far the most powerful and most effective program available for teaching men about rape. Current research validates The Men's Program as the best one out there today, and I can tell you from countless personal experiences: it works. If you want to reach men in order to prevent violence against women, this is the program you should use!"

Patrick Drury, Advocate, Rape Crisis Center
St. Joseph County, Indiana

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